My name is Alex Opalinski; I'm a graphic designer and photographer from Nashville Tennessee with a focus in web development and e-mail marketing. I have experience throughout all stages of the website design and development process, from the initial Photoshop mockups to implementing standards compliant, responsive sites with HTML and CSS. I also have a working knowledge of PHP and JavaScript

In addition, my past experience includes print layout and design, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office suite, and proficiency on with both the Windows and Mac platforms.


FCM: Recursos en Español

FCM WebSite
FCM WebSite
FCM WebSite

Contract project for First Community Mortgage’s Human Mortgage and Hispanic outreach initiatives. Designed within First Community Mortgage’s new design style as a flow chart through the home buying process; the landing page provides links to Spanish language resources for new and prospective home buyers.

The Smart.House

TheSmart.House site
TheSmart.House site

TheSmart.House is a customised Fullpane WordPress theme created for Electronic Express with logo work provided by TNMedia. Built as a resource for smart and connected home goods the website offers product guides and reviews.

Wedding Announcement

Wedding site
Wedding site
Wedding Timeline

Wedding invitations and announcement website designed in collaboration with Jessica Opalinski. Styled after the Walt Disney World Resort, the website provides easily accessible information to guests for a destination wedding. Scaling sizes ensured the web site could be easily read on both personal computer and mobile device.

Raven Corp

Raven Corp logo
Raven Corp site
Raven Corp mobile site

Raven Corp is a design experiment to create a logo, wordmark, and responsive web project for a fictional corporation. Envisioned as far-future military corporation, the wordmark and logo are meant to evoke authority while maintaining a "futuristic" feel. The wordmark and logo are designed from a modified Gazette LT STD font.

The web project is a responsive design built from three CSS stylesheets. The stylesheets are loaded based on the viewport size. The three sheets are built to fit computer, tablet, and phone screens.

Slipstream Productions

SlipStream Productions logo
SlipStream Productions site

SlipStream Productions was an amateur game development studio focused on game modifications. The design is focused on a light, futuristic feel and was developed originally as the basis of a cinematic intro.

A web style was also developed using HTML, CSS, and PHP as a basis for a content management system. As a personal project, the web design has been utilized in the creation of a WordPress theme to demonstrate an understanding of WordPress integration. The design is fully integrated and features a responsive mobile capable design.

3D Assets

333 Commerce Icon Pinnacle Icon

333 Commerce Street

Slip Stream Productions logo
Slip Stream Productions logo
Slip Stream Productions logo

333 Commerce Street, also known as The AT&T Building or colloquially known as the Batman Building, is a 617 ft (188 m), 33-story skyscraper completed in August 1994 and located in Nashville, Tennessee. The structure is designed as an office tower capable of housing 2,000 workers. It is currently the tallest building in the state of Tennessee. In August 2009, French online business journal Le Journal du Net named the iconic “Batman Building”, or as the article names it “La Bat Tower”, one of the 12 most original office buildings in the world.

Pinnacle Tower

Slip Stream Productions logo
Slip Stream Productions logo
Slip Stream Productions logo

The Pinnacle at Symphony Place is a 29 story, office and retail skyscraper located in Nashville, Tennessee, in the city’s SoBro (South of Broadway) district. Located adjacent to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the building officially opened on February 10, 2010. It is the first office tower in downtown Nashville to gain Gold LEED Certification due to its energy-efficient design.


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Architecture Photography

Portrait Photography

Landscape Photography


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