What Are We?
Slipstream Productions is a small mod community comprised of some of the most talented and motivated members of both the Command & Conquer and Sins of a Solar Empire modding communities. Slipstream was created from members of Derelict Studios who chose to leave after a new system of production was established that emphasized a draconian working environment. The members of Slipstream began building the roots of our own studio, one created with a relaxed environment that focused on a single modding community with multiple productions instead of numerous single productions tied only by name. The studio opened its metaphorical doors in May 2005 with three mods; Ace Combat: Distant Thunder, Defcon, and Halogen.

Today, Slipstream is working on the production of two big name modifications. Asylum, created as a new world revisiting of Halogen in a new universe inspired by community member Frost. Dawn of Victory is the creation of community leader Swiss Knight and influenced by Harry Turtledove’s World War novels.