Hearts and Minds

No news is good news.

It really has only been a week since the last update, I swear. Unfortunately I have a habit of making promises that end up being challenging to keep up with, but there is good reason for our two months of media blackout. The mod has been progressing at an increasingly rapid pace and we have almost hit the milestone of having the AWSC faction completely playable in its entirety, along with its related economy. That’s an impressive bit of work for our small team.
To make a short story even shorter, our hope for a demo release is gaining steam. Once again, no promises, but I would prefer that we don’t horde our mod like we did with Halogen. In the meantime, we continue on with the exploration of the AWSC arsenal.


AV-44 Predator Attack Helicopter


Far from the tradition of 21st century rotors, the Predator is a strange sight on the field. Using several turbofans to propel itself through the air, it has the maneuverability to provide close air support to ground units operating on the front lines.


The Predator is armed with two 30mm rotary cannons and eight anti-tank rockets, making it an early counter to enemy armor and an excellent mobile fire support platform for infantry and vehicle operations. It remains an affordable solution for escorting vulnerable aircraft such as Marine Condor dropships throughout extended campaigns.

M80A3 Cobra Ground Superiority Tank


The Cobra bridges the gap between main battle tanks and massive dedicated artillery pieces such as the Sledgehammer. Acting primarily as a self-propelled medium-range artillery system, the Cobra excels at supporting armor advances and suppressing entrenched enemy positions.

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